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self portrait

It's late fall now, which means our garden is quite wet. It's dark by the time we manage to get to the garden. Much less is growing but we still have some kale, chard, green onions, and radishes growing... along with some cute stray mushrooms. We planted our garlic the other month and are looking forward to see them poke out by late Spring.

This picture is obviously not during fall but I'm composing a blog post about our community garden plot and wanted to share the pictures over here. If you'd like to follow my (brand new!) blog called Pocket Moss, come visit me there! It'll be about, well, pretty much everything. Photography, gardening, nature, urban homesteading, sewing, crafts, food, and so on!

Hope to see you there. <3

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I don't get other blog sites - do they have friends pages? They feel like so much commitment. Nice photo. Those are red radishes. I need to grow some too. My one parsley and three bolted celeries are looking a bit lonely.

They kinda do! It's not the same as livejournal though. I find livejournal so easy but as we can see, less and less people are using it. I'll always use livejournal for personal posts though. For keeping up with new blog posts for non-lj blogs... I used to be pretty confused about this one, it seemed like a hassle to have to bookmark every blog I liked and well my bookmarks are OUT OF CONTROL. I don't even bother looking through my bookmarks anymore, given up on that one a long time ago. Anyway, I just discovered google friends! It's more for people who use blogspot, but you can join everyone's blog and then have a feed on your google page that will update you every time there's a new blog post by someone you follow. I'm not positive if non-blogger (blogger runs blogspot, which is owned by google now) people can join the google friends thing though... You could go to my blog and see if you're able to join, let me know if it doesn't work.

There's also bloglovin, which works similarly to a friends page, you just add blogs you like to it and it will let you know when a new post is up (it installs something into your browser so you'll get a notice via a button that tells you how many new posts are up), this way it's really easy to keep up-to-date and it's all arranged like a lj friends page (posts on one page). You have to join and create an account there though but you don't need a blog.

(Not sure if that even made sense... I'm running on too little sleep!)

The radishes grow like weed in our garden, it's ridiculously easy to grow and so yummy! Nom nom.

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looking through your blog omg your new lens is awesome! good job!

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