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self portrait

It's late fall now, which means our garden is quite wet. It's dark by the time we manage to get to the garden. Much less is growing but we still have some kale, chard, green onions, and radishes growing... along with some cute stray mushrooms. We planted our garlic the other month and are looking forward to see them poke out by late Spring.

This picture is obviously not during fall but I'm composing a blog post about our community garden plot and wanted to share the pictures over here. If you'd like to follow my (brand new!) blog called Pocket Moss, come visit me there! It'll be about, well, pretty much everything. Photography, gardening, nature, urban homesteading, sewing, crafts, food, and so on!

Hope to see you there. <3

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looking through your blog omg your new lens is awesome! good job!

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