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self portrait
Thought I'd tell you that I've made some new posts on my Pocket Moss blog just in case you'd be interested to check them out:

Zoée 101: My 365 Days Project 
I talked about my 365 project, as if you didn't already know EVERYTHING about the 365 project as it was all on here. Ha.

Keeper of Dolls Portrait: Step by Step
I showed how I edited this portrait, step by step.

Vintage Family Friday - My Grandmother: Part One
An interview I did with my grandma about her experiences growing up deaf in Nova Scotia.

Zoee 101: How I got into Fibre Arts
I wrote about how I got into fire arts and what I have created over the years.

Making Farmer's Cheese with Kefir Grains!
My latest obsession: making farmer's cheese with kefir grains! Many thanks to Maya's parents for introducing me to this.


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