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365 Days - Year Two
self portrait

(Day One of 365 Days)

Starting a new 365 Days project! This one will have no rules. It doesn't have to be self portraits everyday, like my previous one. It can be of anything I want. The only rule is to take a picture every day for 365 days. It has been a few years since my last 365 and I'm feeling ready for another challenge. I remember getting really stressed out at times, constantly trying to think of something super introspective to post about and always feeling like I had to do some sort of digital manipulation or else my portrait was boring. I want to take this sense of pressure out. No rules. Just take a picture with my camera and sometimes even with my iphone. It can be something introspective, or it can be something just fun, or it can be a pretty picture of a dang flower. Whatever that makes me feel good in the moment. Just create.

You can follow the project here (probably will update once a week or something), on facebook which will be updated daily, tumblr, or flickr. I'll also post behind-the-scenes (or somehow related) iphone pictures over at my instagram!

Day Two of 365 Days - This one was much harder than I expected! Shadowplay is difficult behind a sheet! Excited to continue exploring this. The shadows behind a sheet idea was inspired by Lissy's amazing Shadow portraits.

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I am so looking forward to seeing what you come up with this year. Your 365 project has been my favourite by far.

I'm honoured! Do you ever think about doing another? Although Aki pretty much has a 365 going! ;)

Yay. Loved seeing it last time.

Glad you're following! :)

mel (zagg) add me back! new acct i'll be using;

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